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Well who is looking out for the over 60s in Meresyside. Let start with the Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham £89,000 per yr.  David Parr CEO Halton BC £175,000 per yr. Andy Davies Director Halton CCG £177,000, Halton BC Director Public Health £103,000 per yr.

Now what about Greater Merseyside.

Sefton CEO £178,000 per yr. Sefton Director of social care & health £155,000 per yr. Sefton Director of social care £104,000 (Yes two of them). South Sefton CCG total staff cost £3,330,000.

Knowsley (one of the poorest we have) CEO £215,952 per yr. Ass CEO £146, 669 per yr. Executive Director Health & Wellbeing £138,440 per yr. Knowsley CCG total staffing cost £4,152,000.

St Helens CEO £167,000 per yr. Three undisclosed jobs £137,500 per yr. £117,500 per yr. £102,500 per yr. Big one Director of Health perhaps. St Helens CCG total staffing cost £4,653,000.

Wirral CEO £201,715 per yr. Director of care & health £133,828 per yr. Three undisclosed jobs two at £112,000 per yr. one at £102,500 per yr. Wirral CCG total staffing cost £3,960,000.

Now for Liverpool Undisclosed top job £167,000 per yd. CEO £146,667 per yr. Director of Public Health £123,143 per yr. Director of Adult Heath £105,722 per yr. plus seven undisclosed jobs from £102,500 to £132,500 per yr. Liverpool CCG total staffing cost £7,798,000 per yr.

And of course, Cheshire and Merseyside STP. Budget 2018/19 £8,921,276.

Now the mystery is why concerned people of Merseyside, NOT knocking on these doors. Looking for answers about our Health.