In common with Halton’s Health and Wellbeing Board the Cheshire and Merseyside (C&M) Health and Care Partnership has identified tackling the difference between England and C&M in life expectancy and healthy life as its core purpose. Aligned to this there is an ambition to reduce inequalities in health outcomes within C&M. In order to achieve this ambition, it is proposed that the C&M Health and Care Partnership become a Marmot Community.

The landmark Marmot Review: Fair Society, Healthy Lives outlined the causes of health inequalities and the actions required to reduce them. The Review proposes an evidence-based strategy to address the social determinants of health, the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age and which can lead to health inequalities.

Evidence tells us that health inequalities are largely preventable. Not only is there a strong social justice case for addressing health inequalities, there is also, a pressing economic case due to lost taxes, welfare payments and costs to the NHS.

Health Inequalities in Halton remain a challenge. Despite improvements in life expectancy within some Halton Wards, some remain below the England average. In addition, as with the rest of England, there is a social gradient in health – the lower a person’s social position, the worse his or her health.