Who and What is Halton OPEN

Halton Older People’s Empowerment Network (OPEN) was established in 2001 and is the collective voice of people aged 50 plus who live and work in Halton.

Halton ‘OPEN’ is a completely independent organisation managed and run by volunteers. It represents the interests of older people of Halton at local and government levels at events, meetings, seminars, committees etc. It supports and manages, activities, venues, workshops etc. The responsibility of fulfilling the requirements of its constitution rest with the committee of fifteen members lead by its Chairperson.

Isolation & Loneliness

Halton OPEN understands that isolation and loneliness is a major issue for both younger and older people. As we get older the problem can become much more common as we are more prone to suffer from ill health and lack of mobility along with a reduction of regular contact with others due to a number reasons, specifically bereavement.

We have two established social group venues in Halton that are interactive based intended to encourage friendship and help to alleviate isolation and loneliness.  If you feel you lack confidence to come on your own to the venues, we are happy to arrange transport for you to visit a group for the first time and shall do our best to help you integrate into the group.

We also understand that loneliness is often at its worse when you are home alone as said by a person we know who was seriously ill and when on his own with no one to talk to he said he was in a very dark place.

We are therefore happy to promote organisations like Sure Start to Later Life and the Silver Line.