Local Authorities along with STPs, CCG, Health Watches, Limited Company National Charities, local charities (Ltd), private domiciliary care providers, care home providers, private charity, and local authority nursing/care homes must be removed from our medical and domiciliary care.

Normally, a 72nd birthday would not be ringed in the diary as a special one, like the 70th or 75th. But the anniversary of the National Health Service is an important moment after the toughest year in its history. Whatever the failings in the UK’s response to coronavirus exposed by the eventual public inquiry, the NHS will surely emerge with credit. It rose to the unprecedented challenge, and its staff worked heroically, tirelessly and flexibly. It built seven Nightingale hospitals in weeks rather than years.

Voters overwhelmingly want to see an end to privatisation in the health service after the coronavirus crisis has ended, according to a new survey. The Survey found that 76 per cent of the public want to see the NHS “reinstated as a fully public service” against just 15 per cent who wanted to see continued involvement of private companies.

“Huge chunks of our health ser vice has been handed over to private companies, and it’s been a disaster both before and during the crisis. This poll is crystal clear – the public want an end to the calamity of privatisation, and our NHS to be reinstated as a fully public service. It’s time for the government to listen.”

Although people will have different views about the government’s handling of the pandemic, the whole country can surely agree that it painfully highlighted the need for a joined-up health and care ser vice. After the second world war, the welfare state, with the NHS at its heart, was born. A properly funded national care service is the right way to ensure one positive legacy from the country’s biggest challenge since.