What is the Combined Authority?

At the Combined Authority, their aim is to ensure that everyone benefits from the decisions made. They want to create an environment which allows the economy to thrive for the good of everyone who lives and works in Liverpool City Region. But not Halton Women of 60.

Working together to make investments in areas that have a real impact on our communities, such as transport, employment, culture, digital and housing. By using the devolved powers, they can make a real and meaningful difference to the lives of the people living and working in Merseyside.

The Combined Authority is led by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram and brings together Liverpool City Region’s six local authorities – Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral – to tackle the big issues that matter to us all, together.


Public Transport

Bus franchising has emerged as the “leading option” as Liverpool City Region aims for London-style transport system.

  • Major step forward in journey to deliver Metro Mayor’s vision
  • Too many communities currently isolated and poorly served
  • No change is “not an option”

London gives its over 60s free travel on buses, tube and trains 24/7, within its 32 local authorities.

London does not segregate its over 60s. All over 60 are treated equal.

Working with KPMG LLP and following the Department for Transport’s guidance on economic appraisal, the analysis of the costs and benefits arising from concessionary travel for older and disabled people shows that the scheme delivers excellent value for money with each £1 spent generating at least £2.87 in benefits.

Half of the benefits accrue directly and immediately to concessionary travellers themselves, around 20% of the benefits to other bus passengers and other road users from transport network improvements, and the rest to the wider community from wider economic and social impacts and in particular from improvements in health and wellbeing.