Primary care services are required by the whole population; not everyone is registered with a GP and the needs of under-represented and ‘seldom heard’ groups need consideration in respect of primary care. More than any other part of the NHS, primary care has the potential to reduce health inequalities in the population.

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*To register for the Babylon experience, you will need to switch from your current GP practice (GP get £136 per yr. for having you on their books whether treatment administered or not. This then goes to Babylon).  Your original Doctor can then still provide you with consultations and treatment because he is no longer your Doctor.

 Babylon Health is a health service provider that provides remote consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging through its mobile application.

Now what about prices?

Remote consultation: £50 for 15 minutes

In clinic: £80 on weekdays and £99 on weekends for 20 minutes

Visits: £120 on weekdays, £150 on weekends and £200 on Bank Holidays for 30 minutes

Extra time is charged pro-rata

You can always see a private doctor in Liverpool for only £39. Liverpool health centre is conveniently located on Moss Lane inside Orrell Park