Letter to my MP no 14

Mike Amesbury MP

The Innovation Centre

 Keckwick Lane



Coming from a bright red area, Runcorn, I would be surprised if anyone in the Runcorn Shopping City would recognise any member of the shadow cabinet. They could walkabout all day and have coffee in any one of the coffee shops, but I am sure no one would stop them to ask a question about the apocalypse we are facing under the Tories.

Local authority leadership from my experience is led by civil servants (I have been told by the council that they are not civil servants !!) and a well-trained, from birth CEO.

The council civil servants would support RSC in refusing to put up political posters.

The present regime of management at the shopping city is one of authoritarianism not friendly and inviting.

The covid pandemic has fell into the Tories hands like manna from heaven. The interest of the population is secondary to the interests of the Tories and rich supporters (I think Royalties could come into this category).

Can we have more exposure of the Labour Cabinet in everyday affairs in Runcorn.


James Owen