Attempting to stop FREE SPEACH

Halton Old Peoples Empowerment Network to James Owen

Halton OPENS new web site is about to be launched this week therefore I would be grateful if you take down the one you have been using in our name

The new site will be Halton open .org and you are welcome to submit articles to Halton open enquiries to be put on the web site which will be reviewed before being placed on the site this facility will be open to all residents of Halton

James Owen to Halton Old Peoples Empowerment Network

I hope you have not been wasting more public money and I as a member are still awaiting copies of Halton Older Peoples Empowerment Network bank statements for the past three years. Pencil and paper accounts are not acceptable.

Please cooperate as I do not want to go direct to your funders.

Can you please issue a list of members we have lost during this pandemic so the necessary respect can be shown.

As for your venture into a new website the following, as of today, are for sale. £9.99 £9.99 £0.85 £0.99 £0.99 £5.99 £2.99 £0.99

AND this one up for grabs free –

Registered on: 19-Feb-2015

Expiry date: 19-Feb-2021

And please do not tell me what to do. I will repeat that DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I do not appreciate it.