Letter to my Doctor 29 Jan 21

Letter to Doctor ======

I can only guess at how difficult it must be for the surgery to respond to this Covid 19 epidemic. I have lost friends and acquaintances due to its presence and devastated at the nation’s reaction and response to those who built the NHS now living in care homes.

My personal experience started in February 2020 with coughing, excessive mucus, lack of sleep, extremely sore skin with some sore spots. Only remnants of the spots left. Everything else cleared up.

I am reluctant to move out of my faith in D3, NAC and Vit C taken daily. Cook all my own food from fresh veg with meat or fish.

Having read that the present vaccine covers unknown variants of the virus at the time of manufacture. With the need to have a new vaccine produced every year for the flu virus. Until more information is available will not be having the vaccine and have sent a text ‘decline’.

Yours sincerely

James Owen

NHS no; === === ====