Letter to my local Council Jan 21

Age uk

Age UK Mid Mersey say they have “reluctantly” decided to sell The Mansion House, which sits in the surroundings of Victoria Park in St Helens. Most activities of AgeUKMM is/was at the Mansion Hse and charged for. Access by public transport for Halton older people was difficult with no close by bus stop. One visit by me was adequate to understand the clientele they expected was not from my social class.

They advertise areas of benefit as St Helens, Halton, Knowsley, Warrington and West Mersey.

Amount received from each area of benefit in their last issued accounts shows – St Helens £104,539     Halton £182,708,  Knowsley  No Payment,   Warrington No Payment,  West Mersey No Payment.

Age UK Mid Mersey were paid by Halton Council to keep a vibrant and active Halton OPEN. My experience of being a committee member, was one of constant conflict as to whether OPEN’s committee was there to raise funds, increase members, warrant HBC as being in touch with its 49,500 over 50s citizens as well as giving Age UK a possible conduit to older peoples cash for insurance policies, equity release, power of attorney, wills, funeral plans etc.

Why is Halton Council continuing to support Age UKMM and other boroughs older people?

Yours Sincerely